Crystal Eikcaj | About

Crystal Eikcaj Skin and Hair Care, LLC (CESHC) products were developed based on a need to improve the health and seek solutions to various issues experienced by the creator, Jacqueline Jones. CESHC was created in 2012 with the following Mission and Goal: “GREAT PRODUCTS ARE BORN FROM CARING ABOUT THE PEOPLE THEY ARE FOR.” The Company is owned by Jacqueline Jones. Jacqueline has seven years of experience developing and enhancing skin and hair care products development. In addition, she has over 35 years of management, IT and financal experience.

Historical data

In 1996, Jacqueline Jones was diagnosed with alopecia. By 1997, she experienced complete loss of scalp and body hair. Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss ithat occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles. In 2007, Jacqueline’s Orthopedics doctor wanted to perform a knee replacement because of severe bone loss which caused severe pain for her while walking or laying down. She refused surgery and developed a Joint Massage Cream that has prevented her, so far, from having knee replacement.

The products sold by Crystal Eikcaj Skin and Hair, LLC, are the following: Organic Hair Grow Cream, Organic Joint Massage Cream, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Refined Shea Butter for Diabetics, Organic Hair Conditioner, Organic Hair Thickening Oil, Organic Body Moisturizer for Women, Organic Body Moisturizer for Men, Organic Moisturizer for Smokers, Organic Face Moisturizer, Gold Bio-Collagen Face Mask and Foot Exfoliation Peeling Mask.

There are many shea butter products on the market but based on my customer base, (CESHC) products solve their imminent problem(s) which are: relief from severe joint pain without the loud smell of an ointment, moderate hair growth for alopecia/cancer patients, wrinkle reduction on face, and keeping dry skin hydrated throughout the day. But most importantly, potential customers can use all organic chemical free products.

CESHC products are very affordable. Their unique production process allows for a longer shelf-life of the products. The products distributed by Crystal Eikcaj are fully developed. They are constantly being improved and new products will be added in the near future. The products are available for purchase today. CESHC target market are those between ages 35 to 100; those whom are Diabetic with extremely dry skin, smokers and non-smokers; those with alopecia or thinning hair and those looking for the fountain of youth.